May 08, 2008

Yet another new link

For all my Gun-Toting-Religious-Zealot buddies out there (which I'm pretty sure is just Richard...maybe Maurice too), my Reader recommended a new blog to me, and I thought I'd pass it on:
To quote from the site, which is a quote in and of itself: "You know your country is broken when even your illegal immigrants say you suck." -Kim du Toit, commenting on British asylum seekers trying to sneak OUT of Britain

Yeah, I know what you're thinking...
"Jim Jim Jim Jimmie Jim Jim....why, oh why, would we come to your blog just to see a bunch of links to other stuff? We come here because you're a SUPAH STAH! and we want to know more about you!"
Yeah, I know. But, you see, this is what a SUPAH STAH! does: they share the wealth. Contrary to popular belief, I sometimes get bored talking about myself. I'd rather let other people talk about me, instead.
Okay, fine, you worked it out of me. This is what's been going on of late:
I'm back to only one job because of summer school, but I'll hopefully be able to get that lemonade stand of mine on 33rd up and profitable this summer. It's all the flippin road construction that's killing small businesses!
The kids are awesome, I generally don't write more about them because this is MY BLOG! MINE! Mine mine mine mine mine! However, Teresa is considering starting a blog about them, so she may enjoy your encouragement.

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SalGal said...

I didn't know that SUPA STAHS could suck so bad at scrabulous? I guess everyone has a weakness.

You don't have to write about yourself, just freaking write more than once a month! About anything! More angst, please!