July 23, 2010

Where's Elijah?

I had a realization this past Monday as we had FHE with the girls.  We have a picture book of events from the scriptures, and Jac picked out the one of Elijah laying the smack-down on the prophets of Baal.  I don't think it was meant to be funny, but it makes me laugh how much Elijah mocks them.

As a believer, I look at everything in the light that the gospel has given me.  It's sometimes hard for me to argue about the direction our country is headed with people who aren't of my faith because we don't have that common ground, common direction, built up already.

This may be the underlying reason that I enjoy the story above, because it wasn't two (groups of) people agreeing to disagree, civil or not.  It was a point of fact: my God wins.  Always.  So, sorry to disappoint any Jewish readers that may have stumbled here on a stray Google result, but I'm looking for a metaphorical Elijah, not the real one.  I somehow get the feeling that we will soon enter a great period of miracles, led by men who will stand unyielding as Elijah once did, who will, in one way or another, call down fire from Heaven and show the true power and will of God.

"What's that?  You won't let our kids pray in school?  Need to be 'fair' to the other kids?  BAM!" No more arguing. :-P

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