September 02, 2010

Expect Miracles

I've said recently in an open letter to a few friends and loved ones that something is coming, but I didn't know what.  I think Glenn does a nice job of showing what's coming in this clip, though we end up back where we started with not knowing what comes after that.

One thing I think Glenn has not strictly spelled out to people as he's exhorted us to turn to God (especially so in the clip I hope you just watched) is how God will do it.  How will God save us from ourselves?  The distinction, I think, lies in the teaching of Jesus: "No man can serve two masters."

Do you love God?  It's not enough to think or to know He exists.  Do you love Him?  Do you know what it even means to love God?  There are many definitions you're probably thinking of, but the one I think is most applicable to what I'm trying to get across, applicable to perhaps what Glenn means in turning to God, is demonstrated in Jesus's question and the instruction that followed to Simon Peter, "Lovest thou me?" and "Feed my sheep."

As Mormons, we look at that as an instruction to preach the Gospel throughout the world, and I can look you in the eye if you want and testify that I felt the same overpowering love of God that Lehi felt in tasting the fruit of the Tree of Life when I was trying to "feed His sheep" during my mission to Russia.  I can guarantee that I only got a taste of that because I was devoted to feeding His sheep in this manner.

As children of God from different faiths, we can probably agree to also look at that instruction in the physical sense, e.g. a command to take care of one another.  If I can insert some words into Glenn's mouth for a second from the video above, one of the reasons the instability is so scary is that it's hard to take care of one another if we can't take care of ourselves.  I think the principle behind Glenn's exhortation of turning to God is that we've only been taking care of ourselves, and have neglected to "feed His sheep" both spiritually and physically.

No man can serve two masters.  I'm certain that I'm more guilty of this than anyone who actually reads this blog, so please don't think I'm on my high horse today; I save the medium-high horse for such occasions.  If it is your concern to store up treasures on Earth, to be compelled to get all the trophies in Mario Kart, to have the most comments on your blog, to have the perfectly decorated house, to lust after another, to have the nice sports car so you can drive two blocks to work, et cetera ad nauseum, then get ready for the collapse and destruction.

Conversely, if it is your concern to be concerned for the souls and welfare of men, the tempatations, indulgences, and distractions that ultimately lead to the collapse that we face as a nation right now will have no power over you.  Don't compare yourself to Mother Teresa, you're not her.  You can become like her, you can become like Jesus...eventually. :-)  What Glenn and I are saying is that you have got to choose now.  Now we are at the precipice.  Now we are at the point of no return.  If you and I don't change ourselves now, we will not get the chance later, it will be given to our children's children.  How do you change?  Only God knows.  Why don't you go ask Him?

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