January 04, 2011

Calling all fatties

I bought this book as a Christmas present for myself.  I'm the heaviest I've ever been (which I've been saying each month for the past two years), with around a 20% fat ratio.  Though I'm not in too bad of shape, I know I'm in a destructive pattern and want to change it so I come down from this peak.  I'm starting the slow-carb diet next week, but I'd really like to have a buddy to do this with.  You can get the book for less than $15 on Amazon (or B&N), and you can't borrow mine because I'm not done. :P (btw, the slow-carb diet means I plan to lose 20+ lbs in the following 4 weeks without exercise, and without starving - in fact, I'm forced to have a binge day!)
If you're interested in being partners/friendly competitors, shoot me an email or give me a call.  I can help get you started with a diet, but it'd be better if you got your own copy of the book.  I also have a public Google Spreadsheet of my metrics: Jim's 4HB Metrics, and on February 7, I'll post my before and after pics (yes, now is your chance to see me in my underwear!).
Whether or not I'm down to around my final goal (not my 4-week goal) of 12% fat on Feb 7, I'll move on to other "experiments" and jump in to the running chapters.  After all, I've got the Red Rock Relay coming up now, so I'd better get in shape!

1/10 update: I bought a scale that measures fat based on bio-electrical impedance, which put me up around 30%.  See the Metrics link in this post for details.

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SalGal said...

Dude, how much did they pay you to let them film you running? ;)

You better not be hosing me on this, my kids will be getting $15 less of food this week so I can order the book!

Plus, I'm joining WW, again, on Friday.

Bingeing better include Coke...