February 07, 2011

You Jelly?

Ho. Lee. CRAP!

I came home early to mess around with some work stuff on my Lappy486; much to my surprise, there was a mysterious package waiting for me...

Since I had some trouble recently in ordering our Rock Band 3 drums online...I thought I might have gotten screwed once again.

My pre-loaded bitterness was quickly turned to shouts of laughter as I opened up the box to reveal this:

This, my friends.......

...is a brand new Cr-48 notebook computer, free of charge, from Google!!!  BWA HA HA HA HA!!!

To help you turn just the right shade of green, here are a few more pics from un-packing:

Even the packaging seemed to join in with my joyous exclamations:

It's pretty flippin sweet, I must say.  Quite a simple design, and all cloud-based computing.  All that gloating aside, I'm pretty much speechless right now, so I'll leave you to your jealousy. :P