August 21, 2006

My 50¢ bottle o' vodka

Today's thought is a few weeks old, but was pretty much formed only last night. Sorry about that, I'm a little slow in the head...which you probably already figured out from reading this blog.
It started with talk radio, as a lot of my posts have recently, on the Michael Medved show. His guest, David Horowitz, wrote a book called The Shadow Party(which I haven't read...yet), and on the show talked about how George Soros is lobbying hard to get marijuana legalized. It made me mad that they just skimmed over that last bit, and moved on to all the other evil things Soros is trying to accomplish, so I tried calling in to get back to that point...only to wait on hold forever, which I decided against because I don't have that many cell phone minutes. I digress.
Why do you think that Soros wants to get marijuana legalized? I'll tell you why, it's because Americans are too smart, and he and the rest of the radical left wing democrats want to dumb us down. If you don't believe me, LEARN FROM HISTORY!!! One of the first things that the Commies did after their bloody revolutions to gain power was something that would allow them to remain in power for the next 70 years: Dumb down the people! They made vodka cost essentially as much as water, and therefore, as you can probably figure out, a happy drunk is a stupid drunk.
Well, we're not going to have any bloody revolutions today, from the democrats at least, and so they're trying to get power by implementing the second phase that the Commies used, a happy pot-heat is a stupid pot-head. "What? You want to take more of my hard earned money for your 'social programs'? Sure man, just don't take my pot away from me, it's my RIGHT!" We have got to get rid of these pinko-commie-radical-leftist-wannabe Robin Hood-liberals before they have any chance of succeeding.
So, to complete my thought, I want to ask: what in your world today is already dumbing you down? What's your "50¢ bottle o' vodka"? I don't want to condemn T.V. as a whole, but Desperate Housewives is certainly on the list, along with Will & Grace. What other things do we/you do to invite evil to be the aggressor? Or, to put it more eloquently, I'll finish with the oft quoted Alexander Pope,
"Vice is a monster of so frightful mien,
As, to be hated, needs but to be seen;
Yet seen too oft, familiar with her face,
We first endure, then pity, then embrace."
(An Essay on Man: Epistle 2)


SalGal said...

Dammit, you and my friends are all turning "good" on me. Pretty soon I'll have no vices left and despite what you'd think, I will not be a happy mama! I already gave up not only Coke but soda all together. Let me get over that before I move on to TV!!

Love ya, bro!

jimcalkins said...

lol, yeah...I don't know if I'll ever (emotionally) get over Dr. Pepper, but I suspect my body will rise up and overthrow my brain, and reject any DP I imbibe in the future.
Seriously, though, if we ever want to be a part of Zion, we have to act like it. Elder Carlos Asay gave this quote: "There is a lie, a viscious lie circulating throughout the church and taking it's toll among the young...and that is that a well balance (wo)man must guard against becoming too righteous." Amen to that!

dragonb said...

nice article Jim, but did you really have to go after Desparate Housewives? I mean really, MTV has gay/lesbian dating shows, VH1 has Flavor Flav doing something (not quite sure), CNN,MSNBC,FOX have some freaky guy flying from Thailand, the WB is still on the air, and to top it all off the Gameshow Network shows reruns of Millionaire WITH Regis. And you had to go after Desparate Housewives...
(walks away muttering and shaking head)

Maurice Enchel said...

Jim - I am reading 'The Shadow Party'. David Horowitz is a prolific author and speaks with authority on the undermining of 'Agency'.
Desperate Housewives is the obvious example of programming degradation. Titles like 'King of Queens' and 'Everybody Loves Raymond', though equally as defamatory of the American male's role in society, are less notorious.
dragonb obviously doesn't like your choice of examples. He's trying hard to justify...