May 24, 2007

Jim's Law

Hey, if Godwin can have a "law," then I want one too. A real one, that is. Good thing for you all that I'm not (completely) power hungry. For my first real law, I make a demand on credit companies. Consumer debt is breaking our country, it's hurting our families, and for those who have made the poor decision to live in debt, it's almost as if they can never get out.
What I want is just a small addition to the monthly statements that credit companies send out. Since they are so nice to compute a minimum payment for you, I think they need to give you a "payoff date" based on that minimum payment. People need to see that the debt will never end if all they're doing is paying the minimum balance, and especially if they keep adding to the debt.
Like I said, it's no big thing. But for that someone who does notice, it just might change their outlook on living in debt.

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