August 13, 2013


I could swear I've posted on this before...oh well, now it has a title better than Get a Song Stuck in Your Head game.  I'm posting this here because the nerds that monitor Wikipedia are jerks, and won't let me create the page for this game.  Well, they'll let me create it, but then Editor Snobby McSnobberson comes along and deletes it.  YOUR LOSS. :P

A game where points are distributed by relying on the honor system, somewhat related to The Game because it never ends and the points don't give you anything other than personal satisfaction.  Oh, and I just lost The Game.

How it works:
The object of Tuneception is to get songs stuck in other people's heads, and thus scoring points when accomplished.  Points are only awarded after a confession by the target, "Now that song is stuck in my head!", OR if they are caught repeating the chosen song in any form: whistling, humming, singing, etc, AFTER one minute has passed from the time when the initial trap was laid, or else they could be said to be just joining in with you.
The only exception to the time rule is The ONE Word rule, and this is where the honor system comes in: There is no minimum time constraint if the target starts singing the intended song after ONE word/note is sung/spoken.  I say intended song, because if I laid the trap with "STOP" and I was thinking "Hammertime", but you immediately started singing "in the name of love," I couldn't claim those points with any honor.

Point System:
Points are distributed based on how the trap was laid.  Spoken traps are generally worth more than Musical traps (sung, hummed, whistled), and the fewer the words/notes, the better.  Here is the original point system:
Musical traps, five or more words/notes: 1 point
Musical traps, two-four words/notes: 5 points
Musical traps, ONE word/note: 10 points

Spoken traps, five or more words/notes: 5 points
Spoken traps, two-four words/notes: 10 points
Spoken traps, ONE word/note: 100 points

Let it be known that 1,000,000,000 points is worth about one Schrute-buck.

Since I swear I posted this game on here before, but I couldn't find the rules anywhere, I can only say that the game pre-dates May 4, 2008 based on a comment left on that day on this post:

I have found no evidence of this game in this form elsewhere on the web, but am happy to yield creative credit to proven parties.

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