November 15, 2013

It's a beautiful day!

I don't know why it is, but I started out downright chipper today, and it's only getting better.  Fair warning, this post has no cohesiveness, general theme, or direction.

I'm going to open up to you the way I did with my (unfortunate?) co-workers, and share a little guilty pleasure of mine: 90's R&B

Since I'm in the sharing mood, here's an awesome anti-common core vid I just watched:
Common Core SMACKDOWN  It's funny, I've got this Kenneth Parcell grin on my face as I write this: I'm very afraid for our local PTAs.  In my own interaction with the PTA, I can see how easily information is handed down from National as gospel, with a fall-in-line attitude for the PTA boards...or else?

It's also a VERY gloomy day outside, winter is coming.

Why am I so happy?!??  Oh, maybe because I did my budget.  That always cheers me up. #daveramsey

Oh yeah, another thing making me smile: the progressives are FALLING APART.  Here's a funny post from Stilton: The Dictator Speaks  (I apologize for the cartoon's language)
Now if only we could get our southern neighbors to kick McCain to the curb...or the landfill.  Oh, who am I to judge, we can't seem to be rid of Matheson or Hatch!

That's it.  Just some thoughts rolling around in my skull, and mostly happy ones.

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