December 09, 2013

Theoden revisited

Note to self, change the horrible post title later.

"How did it come to this" is a question I've asked before.  It was on my mind again this morning.  Only this time, I was thinking "How do you enslave a free people?"

How DO you enslave a free people?  A well armed free people, at that?  I've already said that before they can take our guns, they're going to have to shut us up.  Where do you think we are in that process?

I look around and I see parents being arrested for standing up against common core at the district "meetings" (read that "education camps").  I see kids being taken away from parents because they don't agree with a medical diagnosis...not to mention a slew of other doctors that think the diagnosis is wrong.  I see the President's uncle got his amnesty, while a German family that was GRANTED asylum in the US so that they could keep homeschooling had that asylum later revoked by the White House.  Hmmm...who's in the White House these days?  Doesn't matter, I guess, this has been going on since long before Obama.

Got your insurance cancellation letter yet?  Got your hours cut to 29.5/week yet?  Ready to buy some "affordable" insurance on the ACA website?  Look, just so we're clear, PRESIDENT OBAMA DIDN'T LIE about being able to keep your doctor.  You can!  You will just now have to buy one of the ACA plans (or pay the fine for not having insurance) AND pay cash for your doctor because they don't accept the ACA insurance crap, nor medicaid.  Those evil doctors, going into HUNDRED of THOUSANDS of dollars in debt with these money, medical colleges, HOW DARE THEY want/need to get paid?
(side rant: Is the health care industry royally screwed up? YES.  Is this the perfect opportunity for increasing government power?  See previous answer)

Get in line.  Toe the line.  Don't fight.  Don't even speak.  NOW turn over your weapon, little lamb.

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